..MEMO / Regulations

MEMO General Regulations

MEMO 2021 Annual Regulations

  1. The MEMO 2021 will be held from 23rd to 29th August 2021.
  2. The event will be organized by Croatian Mathematical Society and the host country is Croatia.
  3. The event will be organized in a hybrid model. Teams will participate in one of the following two ways: on-site by coming to Zagreb, Croatia or remotely by gathering in one place in their own country for the competition. The team leader (or the deputy leader in the name of the leader) should confirm the mode of participation by 9th July 2021.
  4. The host country will cover all official expenses as listed in General Regulations 2.4. for the teams participating on-site coming to Zagreb, but will not cover local travel, meals and organizational expenses for the teams participating remotely. All teams will receive appropriate gifts and certificates, while the best students will receive medals according to General Regulations 6.3.
  5. The participation fee is set to 1200 EUR per team participating on-site and 200 EUR per team participating remotely.

Each country may apply to register up to two observers. The fee for observers participating on-site is 300 EUR in a shared room and 350 EUR in a single room.

The payment should be made by 16th July 2021 to the account of Croatian Mathematical Society:

account number               HR4423600001101530802,

SWIFT                                ZABA HR 2X,

Bank                                  Zagrebačka banka.

In case of changing the mode of participation from on-site to remotely after the payment, the organizers cannot guarantee the return of the participation fee. 

  1. The teams participating on-site will be accommodated in Student residence hall “Stjepan Radić”, Jarunska ulica 2, Zagreb. The opening ceremony, jury meetings, competition and the closing ceremony will be held at the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering, Unska 3, Zagreb. Leaders and deputy leaders of the teams participating remotely will be engaged in jury meetings via conference calls.
  2. The individual competition will be held on 25th August 2021 and the team competition will be held on 26thAugust 2021. Both competitions will start at approximately 9:00 a.m.
  3. During the competition, teams participating remotely should be streamed during the contests and the team leader or the deputy leader should act as an invigilator. In that case students’ papers need to be scanned and sent to the Chair of the Jury immediately after the competition.
  4. The coordination will take place in person for the teams participating on-site and online (via conference calls and e-mail) for the teams participating remotely.
  5. The host country will invite Bosnia and Herzegovina as a guest country participating remotely in case that there will be at least one more country participating remotely.